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SA 100 brand 2021

Salwa Jacket is an exclusively designed garment named after the historic Salwa Palace, which is the first royal residence for Al-Saud family in Ad Diriyah the old Saudi capital and the heart of the current one, Riyadh. The Jacket symbolizes the strong roots and establishment of the Saudi Kingdom through the years and into the future. Salwa Jacket is designed with unique colors and aesthetic details that take you on an authentic trip to At-Turaif district where the palace is located. The historic mud building and its inscriptions are enlivened by combining burnt brown, sandy tunes and navy blue colors painting a picture for the sky before dawn upon the palace. The choice of the colors embodies Saudi values which are dependability, inspiration and loyalty. On the front of the Jacket, the embroidery pattern and the zigzag-like line at the joining point of the navy blue and burnt brown colors resemble the curvy lines and decorations used in designing the palace and the mud houses around it. On the back of the jacket, a signature triangle shape is added which is an artistic architectural decoration used to garnish the palace, the mud hoses and the wooden doors in Ad Diriyah and Najd region.
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